Monday, July 22, 2019

Sigmatus is Saved!

Kill Team Battle Report
Mission: Extraction

Ultramarines: Kill Team Rubrum
Librarian Isaac Theodesius - (Psyker Specialism) (VIP) - Stoic
Brother Sgt Tourbillion - (Leader Specialism) - Phlegmatic
Brother Veridian, Assault Cannon - (Heavy Specialism) - Stolid
Brother "Blaze" Ezekiel, Heavy Flamer - (Demolitions Specialism) - Choleric
Brother "Clown" Curry - (Comms Specialism) - Jovial
Brother "Billy" Williams - Equanimous

Death Guard Kill Team: The Corrosive Regiment
Plague Champion - Grossicus Bloatoci - Plasma Pistol (Leader)
Plague Marine Gunner - Crustus the Foul - Blight Launcher (Demolitions)
Plague Marine Gunner - Torgut Stenchspreader - Bolter
Plague Marine Fighter - Dr. Spew - Flail of Corruption
Plague Marine Fighter - Dorium Pusscleaver - Great Plague Cleaver
Poxwalker - Hatchet
Poxwalker - Fetliox
Poxwalker - Billy Poxpicker


Battle Round 1:
Theodesius's Tactical Planner roll only yielded +1 CP
Death Guard's Grandfather's Blessing is successful and buffs Crustus the Foul
Death Guard took +6 CP for points difference

Death Guard win initiative

Movement Phase:
Death Guard moving in.  Librarian Theodesius advanced (via tactic) down ladder and got into LOS blocking cover while Clown and Veridian got into position to support and lay down suppressing fire.  Sgt. Tourbillion and Blaze went up from the right and Billy up from the left to cover the advancing enemies from across the catwalk.

Psyker Phase:
Failed to manifest Null Zone
Manifested Veil of Time on Billy

Shoot Phase:
Crustus the Foul scored regular wound on Veridian
Sgt. Tourbillion scored one flesh wound on lead poxwalker "Hatchet"

Moral Phase:
Death Guard passed all nerve tests

Battle Round 2:

Ultramarines win initiative

Movement Phase:
2 Plague Marine Fighters running in from the left, 2  Plauge Marine Gunners into cover on the right.  1 poxwalker "Hatchet" charged while 2 more and leader got almost across the catwalk.  Theodesius advanced back up the ladder behind Sgt Tourbillion as Blaze moved forward to cleanse the platform.  Clown readied and Veridian tucked in closer to stay in cover.

Psyker Phase:
Null Zone failed again
Psybolt smites poxwalker Fetliox!

Shoot Phase:
Blaze flames Billy Poxpicker and wounds him
Tourbillion finishes off Billy Poxpicker with withering Stormbolter fire
Grossicus Bloatoci  scores a flesh wound on Tourbillion via overcharged plasma
Veridian fills Torgut Stenchspreader with thousands of rounds from his righteous Assault Cannon (insta out of action)
Crustus the Foul's blight launcher blows up Blaze! (No doubt the Grandfather's blessing helped)

Morale Phase:
Ultramarines pass nerve tests (come on they're Ultramarines)

Battle Round 3:

Ultramarines win initiative

Movement Phase:
Clown kills Dr. Spew via lucky overwatch Stormbolter to the face!

Tourbillion charges Grossicus
Veridian moves up ladder

Psyker Phase:
Null Zone - failed
Psybolted poxwalker to smite him!

Fight phase:
Tourbillion scores a flesh wound on the leader
Tourbillion's terminator armor saves a punishing attack

Battle Round 4:

Death Guard win Initiative

Dorium charges Clown from behind a wall (we decide he doesn't get a reaction because he couldn't see him)
Theodesius moves down catwalk to the left, Billy moves to cover the ladder, Veridian moves to look down on the right side of the platform to shoot at Blight Launcher.

Psyker Phase:
Psybolt resisted by leader
Veil of Time is manifested on Tourbillion

Shoot phase:
Veridian misses the buffed Crustus the Foul but takes a flesh wound in return

Fight phase:
Clown dodges a big axe (twice, after a 1 and another 1 on re-roll!)

Tourbillion and Grossicus dance around

Variable Battle length ends on roll of 2!

Ulramarines win as Theodesius manifests a giant Null Zone to abate the warpstorms!

MVP of the match: Crustus the Foul!


Jack's list was quite a few points less than mine which he elected to take 6 CPs for.  Also, having the free VIP commander helped out a lot - while the VIP starts injured in the mission, it didn't affect his psyker powers.  Even though Terminators get a bad rap for being over-costed nowadays, it seems they still edged out a bit vs Jack's non-elite troops.  Wining initiative for battle-rounds 2 and 3 gave me another edge, and just in general I got some lucky rolls during those rounds that allowed me to get a numbers advantage.  If the rolls had gone the other way I could have been overwhelmed just enough where he could have snared Theodesius into melee and gotten him.  Finally, we weren't sure about charge rules up ladders (turns out you can) so we decided that it would be weird and disallowed it.  This allowed me to play a few shenanigans running away up and down the ladder that probably helped.  Still, if we had gotten that right, I still had good odds with the ability to retreat from a charge.  Next time we'll get it right.

Before the match I listed out all of the tactics available to me from the 3 rule books (approximately 20) which helped a lot.  I had focused on the re-roll, the mission VIP advance/charge, and the Look Out Sir! but turned out I was lucky enough to only need to re-roll.  I also think I'm getting a bit faster, Kill Team is definitely a good way to build up familiarity with the weapons and roll details before going back to a larger 40k game.

++++Transmission: Adeptus Astartes Ultra++++
Date: 6554019.M42

Location: Agro World Horrdeum
Sub Sector: Sigmatus
ATT: Primus Leo Exevio Faustus

I am pleased to inform you commander that I have successfully manifested a class 3 Null Zone in the vicinity of the foci of the empyrean disturbance in the Sigmatus sector.  This has had the effect of reducing the turbulence and has closed the local dimensional tear. 

Kill Team Rubrum came to my aid and performed admirably while I was in a weakened state from the long-distance teleportation.  Brother Ezekiel was injured with severe burns but should make a recovery. 

The guard regiment will clean up the remains and the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus have arrived to evaluate the local populations and investigate.  We will be leaving within the hour. 

I will discuss my further findings with you upon my arrival.

Isaac Theodeius

REF: 88Z/04593-79857-865GF3939012
THOUGHT: The most deviant mind is often concealed in an unblemished body.  BBB 5th 112
 ++++Transmission End++++

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Kill Team Rubrum in the Battle for Sigmatus

++++Transmission: Adeptus Astartes Ultra++++
Date: 6540019.M42

Location: Agro World Horrdeum
Sub Sector: Sigmatus


KILL TEAM RUBRUM: You will decide the Battle for Sigmatus.

HONOR the memories of your fallen brethren who brunted attack from the immaterium
SING the GLORIES of Librarian Epistolary Cain who died burning the minds of the Chaos witches before him.
VALOROUS are the veterans of SQUAD RUBRUM who withstood the continuing renegade assault. First among them is Brother "BLAZE" Ezkiel who immolated legions of traitors with his legendary HEAVY FLAMER.
DON the raiment of TERMINATOR TACTICAL DREADNOUGHT ARMOR for this mission.
DEPLOY via teleportation to the proximity of the derelict aggro processing facility and listening outpost APF3 on Agro World Horrdeum.
FIND the most venerable LIBRARIAN Epistolary Prior Isaac THEODESIUS at the facility teleportarium.
PROTECT LIBRARIAN THEODESIUS until the fatigue has subsided from long distance teleportation through the fierce WARPSTORMS.
THEODESIUS will take up Cain's errand to intone the esoteric masteries of the chapter to MANIFEST a NULL ZONE and stanch the streams of chaos emanating from the storms.

MISSION: Extraction

REF: 09Q/99981-67134-813804099191
THOUGHT: Do not wish the insanity of the immaterium upon any foe, it just makes more of the bastards. RAF
 ++++Transmission End++++

Friday, June 21, 2019

Terminator Librarian Complete! Isaac Theodesius

Presenting Epistolary Prior Isaac Theodesius!

Only took twenty-five years.  The 1991 Citadel catalog lists him as "Librarian RTB/6".  My skills are finally worthy to give him a decent coat of paint.  Been really looking forward to finishing him -psyker powers, especially from Rogue Trader, were always really cool.

I paint in the old style, and also I wanted to have a combination of dramatic lighting effects and effects that made his armor look very ancient.  Thus, especially around the feet I didn't fill in all of the shades of color to leave things looking shadowy and also covered with sooty grime in the corners of the armor.  If you've ever visited old churches in Europe where they don't dust, I was going for the same thing.  The gothic style and veneration of battle artifacts would probably mean they also don't clean anything they don't have to.

As I had posted with an earlier preview while WIP, I took a heraldic quartering pattern that worked great.  I layered on the whites starting from a dark gray and slowly built up.  And like wise with the blue.

Layering on the gold and other bits was a lot of fun now that I've had a lot of experience from the prior tactical marines and lieutenant.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Oldhammer headhunter, shell-shocked, and MK III Marines

It has been a long time coming, but I finally finished some of my classics!  They will fill into my tactical marines and give me enough models to play around with configurations without being short.  Also they add a lot of character!  The Mk IIIs can also be used as veterans, since obviously their armor would definitely be relics from the Horus Heresy (and my hobby box)!

I have a catalog dated from 1991 that contains these:

Iron Armor (Space Marine Mark 3) 070270/10

Bolter 11 070106/10 (which I think should have been labeled as wounded 3 on page 8)

He also appears on my October 1992 White Dwarf back cover!

and Bolter and Face Mask 070106/11  (the Headhunter)

I couldn't find which book he was in, but I've seen this picture before.

Anyway, these models have been about half painted for at least 6 years and were a couple of the first faces that I've worked on.  Headhunter has 3 faces - the two dead ones were fun practice.  While they look weird up close, it works from tabeltop distance.  Also, my guess is that the heads would actually not look life like in that state, so it is probably somewhat accurate.  Its interesting that the example they went with a zombie blue face.

I'm happy with how 'shell-shocked' turned out.

Here's a few going through the final stages of highlights.  I wanted to keep them in the old style even though I felt I could have done some different things.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Regarding Chapter Approved 2019

Recently I analyzed some of the traffic visiting my blog and I realized that people are searching for the next edition of the Games Workshop rules update for Eighth Edition.  I apologize for the mix up, but I have no spoilers or information on the upcoming 2019 changes.

Here are some links to sites that might:

Regarding the name of the blog: I chose "Chapter Approved" because in the 40k fluff art from Rogue Trader it was stamped on everything to convey the approval of the chapter (presumably to the codex) and thus I wanted to make the connection to that and the work I am blogging about.

"Chapter Approved" also was a White Dwarf magazine column that in some ways did the same thing as my blog but at a bigger scope.  There they discussed a wide variety of 40k topics, including modeling, and originally it was fronted by the game "Overfiend" Andy Chambers.

According to the Lexicanum, they did publish a few editions of "Chapter Approved" rule book updates in the early 2000s (which I had not realized) way back for third edition.  When I came along they hadn't been doing this and so I went with my title.  Suddenly in Eighth they started up again, so again my apologies, but I'm not changing it.  Looking back, if I had used some sort of 'oldhammer' name I might have attracted the right audience, but at the same time, this blog is for me.

Hope you stay to look at some cool oldhammer Rogue Trader thru 3rd edition era stuff.


Monday, May 27, 2019

Bulkheads for Kill Team

Totally admit I haven't been working on 40k much so far this year between all the other things.  But, I've been meaning to play some Kill Team and I was able to spend a few weekends to get some Prometheus Forge MDF painted up well enough that I would be happy with it.

Assembly was ok, just PVA glue and some sanding down.  Seems like the connectors can be a bit weak though.  And also the bee's wax or candle wax is really important.  Most difficult part was putting together the stairwells.  Rubber-bands held em together while the glue dried.

I followed the "Luke Aps" video for basic spray painting technique with a base of flat black, a zenithal lighting gray, and a under-side spray of rust.

You can see the light gray on the deck here, and then the box (or inverted bunker) you can see the rust color along the edges.

For a color scheme I went with the Sector Mechanicus scheme shown in the basic Sonic Sledgehammer Studio video.  Dry brushing worked really well for the starter ruins I have from the moon base kit and seen in the background in one of the pictures below, but not so well for the flat panels in the MDF.  So, I improvised and came up with some cool rust effects pulling down the paint to create effects that look like either water running down the side, or wind blowing water across the decking plates.

For the hazard stripes, I used the hairspray & salt paint chipping effect which turned out alright.  The paint I was using at my folks house is cheap because they live out away from good hobby stores and we had it for just making terrain, so even layering yellow over orange was difficult since it was so thin.  It had a yellow-orange-green look which in the end actually worked out because it looks badly weathered by acid rain or something.

Finally, with the salt I discovered it looked really good on the decking, like salt was applied to keep people from slipping (you know workers comp must still be a thing in the 41st millennium) and gave that final touch to make the thing look really weathered and worn.  It either looks like broken glass or salt.  I have to admit in the pictures now its a bit much, but I brushed off all the big crystals before putting it all away and since the dust stayed on it looked a lot less ridiculous and more realistic.  If I ever get tired of it it washes right off so no problem there.  It was funny how salt finished off the scenery just like food - voila!