Sunday, January 13, 2019

New Year, Old Fight

New Year rematch against my Chaos Daemon loving friend Jack!

My Forces:
++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) ++
**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

+ HQ +
  • Primus Leo Exevio Faustus - Captain in Terminator Armor: Adept of the Codex, Power fist, Storm bolter, The Sanctic Halo, Warlord, Wrist-mounted Grenade Launcher
  • Lieutenant Aurelius - Lieutenant: Power fist, Storm bolter
+ Troops +
  • Cornelius -  10 man Tactical Squad - Plasma pistol, Power fist, Flamer, Lascannon
  • Nero - 10 man Tactical Squad - Plasma pistol, Power sword, Meltagun, Missile Launcher
  • Vitus - 10 man Tactical Squad - Bolt pistol, Chainsword, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon
+ Elites +
  • Terminator Squad - 5 man - Power sword, Assault Cannon, 2x Chainfists
+ Fast Attack +
  • Land Speeders 2x: 2x Multi-melta, 2x Multi-melta

 Jack's Forces:
+ + Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos - Daemons) ++
**Chaos Allegiance**: Chaos Undivided
**Legion**: Renegade Chapters

+ HQ +
  • Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour: Combi-bolter, No Chaos Mark, Power sword
  •  Keeper of Secrets
  • Keeper of Secrets
  • The Masque of Slaanesh
+ Troops +
  • Chaos Space Marines 8x Marine w/ Boltgun, Marine w/ Heavy or Special Weapon, No Chaos Mark. Aspiring Champion: Bolt pistol, Boltgun
  • Daemonettes : Alluress, 19x Daemonette, Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos
  • Daemonettes : Alluress, 19x Daemonette, Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos
  • Daemonettes : Alluress, 10x Daemonette, Daemonic Icon

I did much better this game.  We wanted to keep the match shorter since we’re still slow with the rules.  I put my formatted list on my ipad with Battlescribe and it worked a lot better.  I think Jack appreciated that I was also rolling a bit faster and was a bit more organized.

The dice gave us Open War Domination again and Jack decided to give me first turn.  One improvement from last game was to give Faustus The Sanctic Halo relic which was a bit more useful.

T1 – I moved up towards the central objective and concentrated firepower from the heavies onto the Warlord Keeper for 4 wounds.  I used 1 command point for a re-roll and earned 2 VPs.

Jack moved up as well and tried to smite, but the Halo denied it (so it paid for itself in that first round).  On the east flank the Land Speeders took 3 damage from the second Keeper.  In the center, an entire squad of marines were eliminated.  Jack only scored 1 VP as he had  not left any troops on the northern objective in his deployment zone.

T2 – Jack had dangerously advanced his Warlord Keeper into close combat with Faustus and was only able to injure him.  Without any more support, the Warlord fell after Faustus fell back and everyone unloaded on him with the fury of the Emperor.  Again, having more experience helped, and I was able to make use of the Ultramarine Chapter Tactic and fallback and shoot.  I would use this tactic throughout the game which made a huge difference from the last game I think.  I moved the Terminators up to secure the northwestern objective.  I scored 2 VPs.  

Jack was able to smite one of the Land Speeders down.  On the western front, a host of Daemonettes and the Traitor Terminator leader charged the Terminators.  This unit will be forever remembered.  While 4 of his brethren fell, the heavy flamer stood and held back the tide. The Daemonettes lead by the Masque in the center of the field charged deep into Lt. Aurelius’ position and inflicted more damage.  Jack claimed 2 VPs  (While capturing the northwestern objective and reclaiming the north objective, I think he had moved off the central objective). 

T3 – Again the Ultramarines fell back from the Daemonette charge in the southern central position and eliminated the Masque while the remaining land speeder snuck in to claim the central.  While it might have been better to keep the Terminator Sgt for extra attacks, the heavy flamer (who will now be named “Blaze” as in “blaze of glory”) withstood another onslaught of close combat attacks (because Jack’s tricky chaos models always strike first..) and slayed the Traitor Terminator.  Punched him in the face with a big termie boxing glove. 

Meanwhile, the surviving Land Speeder jumped over and took the central objective (as it was wide open) allowing me to score 2 VPs.  Jack’s Chaos Marines who had fallen back to sit on the northern objective could do nothing against the Land Speeder forcing him to move the Keeper that way (and he had to walk the long way over the hill)

T4 – Again falling back and shooting, further thinning out the central Daemonette cluster.  2 VPs. 

Jack wasn’t able to make all his charges but was able to claim 3 VPs this turn after “Blaze” was finally… extinguished.  Also, the Keeper finally caught the 2nd Land Speeder.  They had a good run.  Oh yeah and my (nearly) all 1 rolls don’t help.

T5 – Captain Faustus was able to personally crush the remainder of the Daemonettes on the northwest flank with a final charge to re-claim the objective.  2 VPs.  Jack's, now crippled, remainders relentlessly charged at the southwestern objective.  Fortunately for the Imperium, they were unable to get close enough to score and so he also claimed 2 VPs.

The final tally was basically a tie 10-10.  Going on remaining army strength I had a very minor victory, although, since I had an extra ~50 points in my list to start, maybe that is dubious.  Nevertheless, we both felt I played a lot better this time and so I felt like I had the win.  Win or lose though, it’s a lot of fun with a good friend.  We plan on trying a Kill Team match next.

Happy New Year, hope it brings you good health!

++++Transmission: Adeptus Astartes Ultra++++
Battle Report from Primus Leo Exevio Faustus
Date: 6037019.M42

Location: Agro World Horrdeum
Sub Sector: Sigmatus

After engaging the xenos on Rust Planetiod 492, a warp storm erupted engulfing the entire sub sector.  Chaos daemons poured out onto the Agro World of Horrdeum.  An entire battalion of Ultramarines lead by Primus Leo Exevio Faustus stood against the traitors and daemons.  Faustus himself along with his staff were gravely wounded.  Transmissions from this battle were blocked by warp storms.

Despite their wounds, and the loss of many battle brothers, Faustus regrouped the remaining smaller forces and mounted a counter attack only days later.  


While it was victory for the Imperium, it has only slowed the daemonic assault.  The traitors must be purged.  Horredum and the entire sub sector Sigmatus remain in peril.  A kill team has been dispatched to ensure the sub sector does not fall…

REF: 7Y2/36859-87153-318404119001
THOUGHT: The only necessary reaction to treachery is vengeance. BBB 8TH ED 187
 ++++Transmission End++++

Friday, December 7, 2018

Holiday Chaos

Last weekend I played my 4th ever (in ~30yrs of this hobby) 40k match.  What made it great was that it was with a long time friend Jack who mostly plays Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.  While he is fairly inexperienced with 40k, he had a lot of experience with his Chaos Daemons and table top games in general and it became evident fairly early into our match.  Nevertheless, the Legiones Astartes (sorry RT term - Adeptus Astartes as they are known now) of the Imperium of Man did not back down and stood to the last man...

Battleforged Armies:
This was my first match trying to add in Command Points.  This was also my first match playing at about 2k points.  Unfortunately, it was a bit much to keep track of especially since neither of us were well versed in the rules.

Jack's Chaos Daemons:

++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Daemons) ++
Chaos Allegiance: Chaos Undivided

+ HQ +
  • Keeper of Secrets: Smite, Snapping claws, Witstealer sword
  • Skarbrand: Bellow of endless fury, Slaughter and Carnage
  • Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster: Axe of Khorne, Bloodflail, Hellfire, Rage Incarnate, Warlord

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos - Daemons) ++
Chaos Allegiance: Chaos Undivided

+ HQ +
  • Daemon Prince of Chaos: Hellforged sword, Khorne, Malefic talon
  • Kairos Fateweaver: Bolt of Change, Boon of Change, Flickering Flames, Gaze of Fate, Infernal Gateway, Smite, Staff of Tomorrow, Treason of Tzeentch
  • Keeper of Secrets: Smite, Snapping claws, Witstealer sword
+ Troops +
  • Bloodletters - . 9x Bloodletter: 9x Hellblade, Bloodreaper: Hellblade
  • Daemonettes: Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos - 10x Daemonette: 10x Piercing claws
  • Horrors: Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos, Smite - 10x Pink Horror: 10x Coruscating flames

My Forces:
++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) ++
**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines

+ HQ +
  • Primus Leo Exevio Faustus - Captain in Terminator Armor: Adept of the Codex, Power fist, Storm bolter, The Armour Indomitus, Warlord, Wrist-mounted Grenade Launcher
  • Epistolary Cain - Librarian: 4) Fury of the Ancients, 5) Psychic Fortress, Force Sword, Bolter
  • Lieutenant Aurelius - Lieutenant: Power fist, Storm bolter
+ Troops +
  • Cornelius -  5 man Tactical Squad - Plasma pistol, Power fist, Flamer
  • Kaiel - 5 man Tactical Squad - Plasma pistol, Chainsword, Lascannon
  • Nero - 5 man Tactical Squad - Plasma pistol, Power sword, Meltagun
  • Vitus - 5 man Tactical Squad - Bolt pistol, Chainsword, Missile Launcher
  • Veteran Leonard -  5 man Tactical Squad - Bolt pistol, Power Axe, Plasma Cannon
  • Nathaniel - 5 man Tactical Squad - Heavy Bolter
+ Elites +
  • Terminator Squad - 5 man - Power sword, Assault Cannon, 3x Chainfists
  • Terminator Squad - 5 man - Power sword, Heavy Flamer, 2x Chainfists
+ Fast Attack +
  • Land Speeders 2x: 2x Multi-melta, 2x Multi-melta
+ Heavy Support +
  • Land Raider: Twin heavy bolter, 2x Twin lascannon

Only War - Domination -   When we placed the objective markers, I was a bit bold placing mine further north in the middle of my deployment zone while Jack placed his both in the rear of his to the east and west.  I figured this was a bit risky but wanted to add some asymmetry.  Because it was domination, we would both scoring 2 point each turn from the initial setup.  Jack deployed his Chaos hordes aggressively, no doubt looking to charge.  I placed my units holding objectives and getting heavy weapons into long sight lines covering them.  I sat my HQs on the southern central objective and placed the Land Raider to the rear to support.  I was a bit aggressive with my placement of the Speeders thinking I could fly over to snag Jack's far west objective.

 Jack elected to take the first turn.

Battle-round 1:
Jack moved up his Daemons but they were unlucky with their advances.  His psykers smited a brother from Nero's unit to draw first blood.  He fell while holding the line on the northern objective.  The Bloodthirster was able to charge into the Speeders and eat one.  So much for the idea of flying by... 2 VP and First Blood?  (I am not seeing anything about first blood in the 8th edition rules though)

During my turn I shot at things.  Did some damage but nothing lethal.  I basically had that one chance.  If I had made full use of my Land Raider's weapons (see analysis below) I might have taked off those last 5 wounds on his big bad.  2 VP

Battle-round 2:
Jack's Daemons took us apart at the north objective.  He also finished off the Speeders, but in so doing he had moved one of his HQs off of the northeastern objective and so only scored 1 VP

During my phase the Terminators beamed down to contest both of his objectives, one directly on top of the abandoned one.  I was able to score 2 VP and splat some pink horrors.

Battle-round 3:
Jack turned his slow moving Bloodletters back up to the northwestern objectives as his HQs had eaten my central objective and were moving to take the southwestern one.  The northeastern Terminators fell pretty easily to his Keeper of Secrets who took the objective back.  I feel like they should have held up a bit better.  The big bads charged into the Land Raider and knocked it out.   His Big Psyker ate some perils of the Warp though which was pretty fun. 2 VP

During my turn I was able to charge in and take the northwestern objective.  Somehow, despite losing over half of my army at that point, still hold onto the west side of the board and get 2 VP.

Battle-round 4: 
At this point we called the game since we had run out of time.  I think up to this point I had held on, but I'm pretty sure he would have cleaned up my remaining forces and out scored me.  He probably would have scored 3 VP  this turn and 4 VP on the final turn.  Still, if my rolls had gone a bit better and I hadn't been making so many mistakes I might have had a chance.

Takeaways and Analysis:
  1. I made a lot of mistakes around not being familiar with the rules.  The main one was that I was not firing all of my Lascannon shots on the Land Raider due to misreading of the rules.
  2. I probably could have made better use of the Land Raider for holding the objective and moved up infantry to stall his advances more to buy time to score VPs.
  3. I was a bit too bold and should have placed that central objective marker back in the corner to mirror the markers to the north.
  4. I was trying to use random Psyker abilities just as Jack did, but really I should have taken Null Zone.
  5. I kept holding onto my CPs either in waiting for something else to re-roll or just forgetting to use them entirely.  Meanwhile, Jack seemed to use his often and at the right time.  I think this will improve with practice.
  6. Likewise I was always forgetting about special abilities and auras etc.
  7. Finishing my Assault Terminators will be very important for fighting against this melee heavy army.

I think next time I'd like to play a smaller game so that we can focus on getting the rules down and smooth gameplay.  Also I found a post here that might be relevant: Tactics for Space Marine Gunlines

Jack's thoughts:
This was my first game since the month 8th edition came out and that game was a demo. I was really nervous about getting rules wrong or making an illegal list. I'm a big fan of AoS and have a YouTube channel called Rerolling Ones so I have a reputation to uphold 😉. I have a lot of Daemons which you can use in both 40k and AoS so the only thing I had to purchase was the Daemon codes. [2k points were chosen] as our point value which surprised me at first but I thought why not and I made my list. In hindsight it may have been a bit much. I learned Skarbrand and Kairos Faitweaver are nastier in 40k then AoS but I had fun reconnecting with an old friend and killing blueberries.

++++Tra-smiss--n: Adeptus Ast----s Ultra++++
Battle Report from ------ A----s
Date: ???

Location: Agro Worl- --------
Sub Sector: ??
FW: *V#*8d0----

Heavy Casualties reported
Faustus: WOUNDED
Aurelius: WOUNDED
Epistolary Cain: DECEASED

Nathaniel: DECEASED
Nero: ---$

REF: 8VM/50604-38666-545565022192
THOUGHT: Every man is spark in the darkness.  By the time he is noticed he is gone forever.  RT 93

 ++++Transmission Interrupted++++

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Lieutenant Complete (not a primaris)

Lieutenant Aurelius was completed the other day and he has even participated in a battle!  He survived a point-blank Warp Spider ambush and even knocked one out himself.

So much fun.

As is standard for my army I sealed with dullcoat and then gave the cape brooch and chest eagle gems a layer of 'ard Coat glossy varnish to make them a real gem shine.  This, and the robes on my D&D (AoS) warrior priest are the first fabrics that I've painted - still need practice but starting to get the hang of it.  I had used this post (one of the top google searches right now) for tips on painting robes:

Free-handed skull icon and rank marking.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Terminators Complete!

Really happy with how my early era Terminators came out.  The orange highlights really warmed up the red and with the rest of the army they stand out as the elite troops as I wanted.  I ended up using paint on Testors Dullcoat instead of the usual spray on version because it got cold out.  It seemed to work ok.  I used two coats and made sure to open the window.  Here's the first post where I started

This one is magnetized and can serve as either a power fist in a 10 man squad or... a sergeant in a second 5 man squad.

 Really happy with how the gems turned out with a little bit of 'ard coat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Magnetized Arms

I have one terminator that I wanted to double as a Sgt for 2x 5 man squads or as a power glove for a 10 man squad.  Thus we magnetize!

The first magnets I got were small enough to fit into the standard arm hole, but as anyone that has done this knows, those magnets are a bit too small and so the arm will droop.  I had read this too, but of course I had to make the mistake myself.  Luckily the local gaming store (seems like the only ones left in my area) had 1/8" magnets which work better.  I would now have to drill both the arm and the body, but its ok.

I first snipped off the arm post from the body and since the mini is classic metal (I think pewter) it didn't cause other problems.  I then used the pin drill to put in a pilot hole.

Later at my dad's house we used the Fordem to drill out the holes.  This machine was handed down by my grandpa who was a jeweler, its great. 

The metal wasn't as hard to work with as I was worried about.  The main problem was just extracting the smaller magnet I had tried in one of the arms.  Again my dad's workshop came to the rescue, he has very fine dentist drill bits for the thing that allowed me to dig around and pry out the smaller magnet.

Then it was a matter of drilling to the correct depth and putting them in with a bit of glue.  I eyeballed the depth and got lucky I think.  The magnet into the body didn't even need glue.  One of the arms didn't quite seat properly, so definitely should be more careful next time.

And the arms stay in position!

Painting Schedule - Excel Nerd

I use Excel a lot at work, for everything.  It's like a swiss army knife.  Even in my hobby I find a way to use it.  I created a table to simply schedule things that need to be painted as I think of them, because sometimes I notice things are missing from finished models.  My hope is to avoid that by adding them to the list.  Another benefit is the list can be sorted to optimize color usage when working on multiple groups.  Finally it also lets me start estimating about how long things will take to paint.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Campaign Part 2 - Full 40k Game vs Saim-Hann

Continuing my 40k weekend with dad, Sunday we had a full match - Ultramarines vs Saim-Hann.  Our mini campaign started with a Kill Team skirmish in which the Emperor scored a major victory and routed the Xenos, allowing me to choose whether to go first or second (instead of a roll-off) for our second game.

Ultramarines list was all classic 1st to 3rd-ish edition minis:
1x Land Raider
1x Land Speeders (squadron of 2)
5x Tactical mini squads (5 men each)
HQ: Lieutenant Aurelius (classic mini)

The picture shows my Rogue Trader beakies as well who just wanted to pose, but they would have put me over the points limit dictated by the number of Eldar we had.  Back then it was ok to put camo on marines.

Saim-Hann list also classic minis:
1x Falcon Grav Tank
1x Wraithlord
3x Vypers in (2 units of 3 and 1 unit of 2)
1x Warp Spiders (4 models)
1x Dire Avengers (10 models)
1x Guardian Defenders (12 models)
1x Rangers (5 models)
HQ: Autrach Skyrunner

Mission was basic Only War with Domination victory condition.
Objectives included 1 atop a mountain in the center of the table, one in ruins in the Ultramarine deployments zone, and 2 in the Eldar deployment zone.

Deployment -
Ultramarines aggressively deployed at the edge of the neutral zone ready to take the southern objective and central objective.  The Land Raider was loaded up with 2 squads ready to get there.  The close by eastern ruins were guarded with one squad that stretched over to a nearby hill to set up a missile launcher.  Speeders deployed to the north to harass the northern objective deep in Eldar territory.

Eldar positioned to take the objectives in their deployment zone, but did not deploy as aggressively.

Round 1
Moved up to take the central mountain objective.  Fire from the Land Raider and Heavy Bolter squad killed 4 Guardians, 1 Spider, and put some damage on the Wraithlord.  The Speeders raced up and got some lucky Multi-Melta crits taking the Wraithlord down to half health.  The weak Xeno infantry lost more as they fled the battle.
Scored 2 victory points.

Moved into the objectives with infantry.  Vypers and Falcon moved to intercept the Land Raider which was a juicy transport target.  Only succeeded in putting on 4 wounds.
Scored 2 victory points.

Round 2
After dumping out the Emperor's Finest with blazing weapons, the Land Raider moved in to contest the southern objective.  Heavy sustained fire from the Land Raider, and 3 tactical squads succeeded in pacifying the Falcon (Is First Blood still a thing in 8th edition?).  A frag missile from range took out a sniper Ranger.  Damage was done to the Vypers which are surprisingly sturdy.  2 Squads charged and engaged the hover bikes doing some slight damage and the Xeno cowards would end up speeding off to the north.
Scored 2 victory points (and maybe another for first blood

Moved all units off the northern objective to engage the Land Speeder squadron doing moderate damage.  The Vypers also retreated from the southern objective to assist to the north.  In a daring move, the Warp Spiders and 2 Vypers flanked Lieutenant Aurelius but he was protected by the Emperor's Will.
Scored 0 victory points.

Round 3
Moved in to capture the southern objective and eliminated the Warp Spiders.  Lieutenant Aurelius personally delivered the Emperor's mercy.
Scored 3 victory points.

We ran out of time and also we thought that there was no way to recover for the Eldar so we called it there.

My dad and I both agreed that he needed to be a bit more aggressive with deployment positions and he didn't quite get the hang of the hit and run tactics that the Saim-Hann can do.  I think the critical mistake was focusing on the Land Raider on round 1.  He should have moved up forces beyond the southern objective to create a buffer and prevent the Land Raider from contesting it, while using the Vypers to also contest my own objectives in the back.  Meanwhile, I was focused on taking and holding my objectives and creating opportunities to deny/delay his scoring just to get ahead for the win.

++++Transmission: Adeptus Astartes Ultra++++
Battle Report from Lieutenant Aurelius
Date: 5863018.M42

Location: Rust Planetiod 492
Sub Sector: Sigmatus
FW: Primus Leo Exevio Faustus

Aurelius reports after initial skirmish with Saim-Hann, the main force was detected on 492.  Strike force was sent to purge the alien.

The Xeno threat was driven away from the Weapon Test site in a major victory for the Emperor, however, analysis indicates that their objective was to probe our defenses and withdraw.  Only a fool would believe they will not return with greater numbers.  Request Tactical Dreadnought Armor

REF: QLT/564138135486135486135483
THOUGHT: Do not waste your tears.  I was not born to watch the world grow dim.  Life is not measured in years, but by the deeds of men.  RT 113

 ++++End Transmission++++