Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Battle Report: LGS Matched Play - Knight of Atonement

I recently had the chance to get in a matched play game at the LGS with Cooper and his Grey Knights again.  It was my first non-crusade, non-event 10th edition game and just before the new Space Marine codex.  I was pleased with how Oath of Moment worked and overall how my army is functioning.


Narrowly defeated in the Occultaris Campaign, Primus Leo Faustus is questioned by the Grey Knights, at gun point.  His answers were, persuasive.

Imperial Record: X393-334-QR772012101
Date: 3687023.M42


Battle Report:

Ruleset: 2023 Tenth Edition Leviathan Mission Cards
Deployment: Dawn of War
Primary Mission: Purge the Foe
Mission Rule: Vox Static
Points: 2000 

My Forces:

+ Leaders +

  • Primus Leo Exevio Faustus - Captain in Terminator Armour: Warlord - Enhancement: Bolter Discipline, Power Fist, Storm Bolter, Aux Grenade Launcher
  • Epistolary Prior Isaac Theodesius - Librarian in Terminator Armour:  Force Axe, Storm bolter, Enhancement: The Honour Vehement
  • Lexicanium Ezekiel - Force Sword, Bolt Pistol
  • Lieutenant Aurelius - Master-crafted Boltgun, Power Fist

+ (Troops) +

  • Squad Cornelius - 10 man Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Plasma pistol, Bolt pistols, Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Bolters
  • Squad Kaiel- 10 man Tactical Squad - Chainsword, Plasma pistol, Bolt pistols, Meltagun, Multi-Melta, Bolters

+ (Elites) +

  • Squad Tourbillion - 5 man Terminator Squad: Teleport Homer, Power sword, Storm bolter, Assault cannon, 3x Chainfist, Power fist
  • Squad Nox - 5man Terminator Assault Squad: Teleport Homer,  5x Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
  • Squad Lazarus- 5 man Assault Squad w/ Jump Packs: Bolt Pistols, Chainswords, 1x Grav-pistol, 1x Power Fist, 
  • Squad Velox - 5 man Vanguard Veterans Squad: Heirloom Relic Blade, 4x Storm Shields, 3x Heirloom Thunder Hammers, 1x Heirloom Lightning Claws (pair)
  • Venerable Brother Psigoras "Fury" - Dreadnought: Dreadnought melee weapon w/ Storm bolter, Twin Lascannon

+ (Heavy Support) +

  • Squad Nero - 10 man Devastator Squad: Power sword, plasma pistol, 3x Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Bolters & Bolt Pistols
  • Land Raider One - Land Raider - Twin Heavy Bolter, 2x Godhammer Lascannons 

+ (Fast Attack) +

  • "One Charlie" - Land Speeder Tornado: Heavy flamer, Multi-melta

The Opponents: Cooper's Grey Knights

Takeaways & Analysis:

Battle Round 1:

We were playing with the mission cards this game and I got really lucky with my objectives.  I got to move first and I was able to score "Tempting Target" and "Deploy Teleport Homer" for a total of 8 points, while I sat on "Engage On All Fronts".  We advanced up to dump out the tactical squad lead by Ezekiel riding in the Land Raider onto the central objective and threaten the eastern and western objectives with jump marines.  I held Squad Velox a bit off the objective up in the building so that they could counter strike.  I got some solid lascannon shots out, though wasn't able to see much and I was out of range on my main oath target unfortunately.

Meanwhile, Cooper struck-out and did not achieve any of his objectives: "Deploy Teleport Homer", "Cleanse", or "Assassination".

Battle Round 2:

Again super lucky, I drew "Bring it Down" right when it was time to destroy some mechs.  My Oaths worked great and I was able to destroy first one walker with Squad Nero and then bring down the second with my Dreadnought (newly interred Psigoras).  Furthermore, Squad Tourbillion beamed down in the backfield per their usual manouver, lead by Leo Exevio Faustus himself and shoot up one of the Tech Marines.  This allowed me to score 7 big points with "Bring it Down" and 5 points for "Assassination".  Unfortunately being in Cooper's deployment zone on the objective wasn't in a good spot for "Engage on All Fronts" so I discarded that.  I had 12 points for the main Purge the Foe mission objectives.

Cooper managed to kill Squad Velox in a melee over the western objective, down One-Charlie in the backfield when he beamed in, and eliminate Squad Cornelius in the center (per my plan to bubble wrap the Land Raider and Squad Nox) but Ezekiel survived.  I was able to swing back in a melee and kill another Tech Marine.  Again Cooper was unlucky and only managed to score 8 points for the main mission and 5 points for "Behind Enemy Lines"

Battle Round 3:

Continuing to draw just the right objectives at just the right time I was able to score "Area Denial" and "Secure No Man's Land" for 5 points each, with another 12 for the main objective.  Squad Nox, lead by Theodesius cleared off the Grey Knight Terminators from the central objective, and a third leader was slain.

The Grey Knights finally score 5 points for "Assassination" when Aurelius eventually fell, but again couldn't score much other than 8 main objective points.  Squad Kaiel falls with Aurelius

Battle Round 4:

Big scoring round: 12 points for the main objective, 8 points for "Capture Enemy Outpost" and 3 points each for "Behind Enemy Lines" and "Cleanse".  Another squad of tactical Grey Knights were eliminated .

Cooper managed to score 5 points for "Storm Hostile Objective" by running by Brother Sergeant Lazarus (who didn't quite move block well enough) and rushing Venerable Brother "Fury" Psigoras to win back the eastern objective after blowing him up.  The smoke screen only delayed his demise.

Battle Round 5:

I eliminated a squad of purifiers and scored 2 points for "No Prisoners" and 12 for the main objective.

Cooper took some pot shots and eliminated Ezekiel (who almost managed to survive on one wound the whole game with no remaining squad mates) and finally managed to kill more units than I did in the battle round so got 12 for the main objective.

Overall I had good control of the objectives with more units, high durability with terminator armor and/or Librarian shields, and extremely good luck with cards.  We both agreed that taking the extra 5 marines on the devastator squad allowed them to stay in the fight and add a lot of damage.

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